Drawing up a project budget – 1

Thanks to this module, you’ll be able to :

  • Defining and identifying the key concepts of a project budget.
  • Identifying the different elements of a project budget.
  • Understanding the difference between estimation, budget and budgeting.
  • Adapting estimation methods to the project phase

For :

  • Anyone who is involved in projects and wants to improve their project management skills.
  • Current or future project managers.

Prerequisites : After completing the following modules: Project management essentials and The project framework
To complete this program, you will need to work through part B.

Access to Training: 12 Months
Device Compatibility: Desktop/Laptop Computer, Tablet, Smartphone
Approximate Duration: 15 min
Editor: CEGOS
Language: ArabicChineseDutchFrenchFrenchFrench CanadianGermanItalianLatin American SpanishPortuguesePortuguese BrazilianSpanishUS English