Introduction to SAP

Duration: 2 hours

Target audience: Future SAP users

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of Windows environment.

The Introduction to SAP online course provides you with basic skills enabling you to navigate in the application, as well as to enter and find the required information.

Number of lessons:

Minimum requirements:
IBM compatible PC; 166 MHz processor; 32 MB RAM; 800X600 SVGA color monitor with 16 bits color display; sound card, speakers or headphones; Windows 98, 2000, NT 4.0 SP 6, XP; 56 K modem; Internet Explorer 5.0, FlashPlayer 6.0



Lesson 1
Duration: 10 minutes

What is SAP?

To explain the advantages, structure and main features of the SAP system.


  • What is SAP?
  • Why do organizations choose to install SAP?
  • The Structure of an Integrated System


Lesson 2
Duration: 35 minutes

Opening and Closing SAP

To open and close a SAP session, switch sessions, and change a password.


  • Starting SAP
  • Opening a SAP Session
  • Changing a Password
  • Opening a Second Session
  • Switching Sessions
  • Closing your SAP session


Lesson 3
Duration: 10 minutes

The SAP screens

To distinguish the various SAP screen components.


  • Transactions and Transaction Codes
  • A SAP Screen


Lesson 4
Duration: 35 minutes

Navigating in SAP

To navigate in the application using the menu tree and transaction codes, as well as to create and manage the favorites.

  • Using the Menu Tree to Navigate in SAP
  • Navigating Within a Transaction
  • Using Favorites to Navigate in SAP
  • Managing Favorites
  • Navigating in SAP with Transaction Codes
  • Shortcuts with Transaction Codes
  • Finding a Transaction Code


Lesson 5
Duration: 40 minutes

Data Entry

To enter data in every type of SAP field and to perform basic searches.


  • Data Entry: The First Principle
  • Field Types
  • Data Entry
  • Understanding Messages
  • Data Entry with a List of Values
  • Data Entry with a Search Tool